Springtime at my current school means lots of interruptions. Between field trips, concerts, AP exams, and Senior Skip Day I’ve got many students out of certain classes absent while others remain.  Some teachers may choose to move forward, but I like to use days when five or more students are absent to do something a little different. Enter…Beanboozled! I’ve played this many times in English … Continue reading Beanboozled!

The CI World is UNFAIR for French Teachers!

Being a French teacher using CI (Comprehensible Input) methods is UNFAIR. A million resources are made and ready to go for Spanish teachers. Conferences seem to be tailored to Spanish teachers. They have SHAKIRA. They have Day of the Dead. They have el Internado. And perhaps the biggest blow of all… THEY HAVE SEÑOR WOOLY!   It seems like we have a few options given this … Continue reading The CI World is UNFAIR for French Teachers!

FRENCH Annabelle Adaptations

She doesn’t know this, but Annabelle Allen is very much my mentor. I’m lucky enough to live in New Orleans and she has invited me to observe, taught me Spanish, hung out with me to talk about school, and inspired me beyond what she can possibly know. A lot of what I’ve learned from Annabelle isn’t a tangible takethisintoclasstomorrow kind of thing, but rather more … Continue reading FRENCH Annabelle Adaptations

Mystery of the Missing Crêpes! 

It’s the end of the year and my motivation (read: everyone’s motivation is waining) so when our Science Specialist approached me about a collaborative project together, I knew I had to do it.  We came up with a crime scene idea for first and second graders (our classes are multi-age) where students use Forensic science in her classes and use French to create a report … Continue reading Mystery of the Missing Crêpes! 


It’s that time. That horrifying, awful, terrible, cantijuststayinbed time between Spring Break and Summer. For me, that means 25 true days of instruction (some nebulous planning/conference days thrown in there until the show’s really over, though). Usually around this time of year I give up. Completely. And I usually blame it on circumstances. Here are some of my past excuses: -The schedule is all messed … Continue reading 25.More.Days.