It’s that time. That horrifying, awful, terrible, cantijuststayinbed time between Spring Break and Summer.


For me, that means 25 true days of instruction (some nebulous planning/conference days thrown in there until the show’s really over, though). Usually around this time of year I give up. Completely. And I usually blame it on circumstances. Here are some of my past excuses:

-The schedule is all messed up from class parties and assemblies, I can’t possibly keep their attention.
-Only a few students will be left after a party, so I’ll just show a movie.
-They’re so squirrely and they really need a break (AKA-I really need a break)

But something has changed in me this year. Since making the switch to entirely CI methods this year, my motivation for the end is entirely different. It’s not that somehow I’ve magically gotten more resolve and motivation; it’s that I’m so motivated by how much they know after 8 months of hearing comprehensible French that I want to play with it and have fun now.

I finally understand the idea that we teach for June; we teach for this magnificent time where they’ve heard so much language for so long that they’ve acquired SO MUCH and they can do so much more.

So here’s my plan:

This post from Tina Hargaden has SO many great ideas on how to play with all the French they’ve acquired. I’ll use a few of these each week. The ‘Who is this person one’ is on deck this week with a focus on what they did for Spring Break…

MovieTalk-ing (click this link for more info on MovieTalk from Martina Bex) the amazing French film ‘Le tableau’ as a weekly break from Brandon Brown à la conquête de Québec, the Fluency Matters novel study in 5th grade.

Lots and lots of Brain Breaks from Annabelle Allen (of course!)

And non-targeted PQA about whatever they want to talk about. Ponies? Unicorns? The lizard that you found outside during recess? It’s all fair game at this point and talking about themselves is just the most COMPELLING thing there is in this game!

Let’s have so much fun and rock the final stretch!


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