Best Day Ever!

Set-up: I teach PK-5th grade and see grades 1/2 and 3/4 in a multi-age set up. I see 3/4 students twice per week for 45 minutes at a time.

This week I felt like playing–like giving students more power to play and create and let go of the target structures I have in mind. 

Oh my sweet baby Jesus, I am having the BEST time. 

Students came up with details for a story about my imaginary Spring Break. I gave 3 students the jobs of professor (makes final decisions on content), artist (draws story on board as we tell it), and secretary (writes the story as we tell it). 

THE RULES: No blurting, no coercing the professors to choose a certain detail, no partiality from the professors. 

Here was the resulting story:

For Spring Break I went to Horseland. In Horseland I saw a butt who was dabbing in the corner. I ate a banana/pickle flavored poop and said “Yum, yum”. I went riding on a pig who was riding a chicken who was riding a goat who was riding a horse. It was such a fantastic Spring Break!

Here’s the artist’s picture:

Here’s the professor and secretary: 

This surely isn’t re-inventing the wheel or anything, but it’s my true first attempt at non-targeted story asking and it was an awesome, awesome day. 

Next, we will read our story, decide if some sentences would be logical or illogical follow ups, do some story listening with our story as the backbone and new details from me, and write our own with Madlibs!


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