Mystery of the Missing Crêpes! 

It’s the end of the year and my motivation (read: everyone’s motivation is waining) so when our Science Specialist approached me about a collaborative project together, I knew I had to do it.  We came up with a crime scene idea for first and second graders (our classes are multi-age) where students use Forensic science in her classes and use French to create a report … Continue reading Mystery of the Missing Crêpes! 


It’s that time. That horrifying, awful, terrible, cantijuststayinbed time between Spring Break and Summer. For me, that means 25 true days of instruction (some nebulous planning/conference days thrown in there until the show’s really over, though). Usually around this time of year I give up. Completely. And I usually blame it on circumstances. Here are some of my past excuses: -The schedule is all messed … Continue reading 25.More.Days.

Madame! Madame! Madame!

At 7:45 a.m. it begins. “Madame! Madame! Madame! Bonjour!” “Madame! Madame! Madame! How is Lemon (my dog)?” “Madame! Madame! Madame! Here’s an invitation to come to my camp with me!” These days I rarely ever hear the word Madame just once at a time, nor without a tone of sheer delight behind it.  Yesterday a student told me during a passing time “Madame, don’t tell … Continue reading Madame! Madame! Madame!